My pictureWelcome to Pierre Jouvelot's homepage (last revision Nov. 17, 2023).

I’m Senior Research Scientist (directeur de recherche), working at the
.... Computer Science Research Center (CRI) of
.... Mines Paris (formerly, MINES ParisTech, Ecole des mines de Paris), part of
.... PSL University.

Here is my resume (pdf: English, French; html: English, French).

1. Research

Possible PhD thesis, postdoc and Master internship research openings can be found here. If you have research ideas that you think either fit my profile or are so great they need to be pursued anyhow, feel free to get in touch with me.

My research work agenda focuses on (1) programming languages and (2) advanced applications.

Regarding languages in computer science, my interests are mostly into Domain-Specific (DSL) and programming languages, including their semantical, formal and implementation aspects, in particular regarding performance. I've been involved on issues related to proof assistants, static analysis, parallel optimizations, type and effect systems, non-standard denotational semantics, SSA form, dependent typing, etc.

Moving into more applied topics, I'm interested in blending new computer-related technologies and key societal issues, including physics (with CERN and ESPCI), health (with CEN STIMCO and EnsAD), music (with Grame), education (with Schola Cantorum and CNPmusic), law (with Ministère de la justice), blockchain (with Télécom Paris) and formal mechanism design in economics (with Inria).

2. Teaching

My teaching activities at MINES ParisTech and HEC Business School, as part of the HEC/MINES ParisTech joint MSIT M.S. "Mastère spécialisé" on IT Management, have included:

3. Business

On the business side, Click'N'PlayMusic is a company I co-founded with Eric Boell. We provide music educational content, using a variety of formats such as CD-rom, DVD-rom, streaming and books. Our products have been rated as best in their class, and are distributed in retail stores such as Fnac.         

4. Leisure

On the fun side, to know more about my areas of interest:

I'm also trying to help Cambodia, my wife's native country. Please see if you want to support the building of a new hospital in the Prey Veng county (this link is in English and French). This is a completely private endeavour.

5. Contact

If you want to chat, feel free to send me E-mail ( or call me in France (+33 1 6469 4846).

Pierre Jouvelot

Je veux apprendre toujours davantage à considérer comme la beauté ce qu'il y a de nécessaire dans les choses.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Le gai savoir

Si [l'intelligence] n'a dans la hiérarchie des vertus que la seconde place, il n'y a qu'elle qui soit capable de proclamer que l'instinct doit occuper la première.

Marcel Proust, Contre Sainte-Beuve

L'art est plus puissant que la connaissance [de la vérité], car c'est lui qui veut la vie, tandis que le but ultime qu'atteint la connaissance n'est autre que ... l'anéantissement.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Cinq préfaces à cinq livres qui n'ont pas été écrits

De la musique avant toute chose ...

Paul Verlaine, Art poétique